Điều Kiện để Thành Công:”Hãy Trả Cái Giá Cần Thiết”

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The great oil man, H. L. Hunt,  who was at one time the richest self-made billionaire  in the world, was once asked by a television journalist  for his “secrets  of success.”  He replied:  “There  are only three  requirements   for success. First, decide exactly  what  it is you want  in life. Second, determine  the price that  you are going to have to pay to get the things you want.  And third,  and this is most important,  resolve to pay that  price.”

One  of the most  important   requirements   for success, once you have decided  what  it is that  you want,  is the quality  of willingness.  Successful people  are willing to pay the price,  whatever  it is and  for as long as it takes, until they achieve the results they desire.

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to be healthy,  happy,  thin,  and  rich. But most  people  are not willing to pay the price. Occasionally,  they may be willing to pay part of the price, but  they are not  willing to pay the  whole  price.  They  always  hold  back.  They  always have some excuse or rationalization   for not  disciplining themselves  to  do  everything  that  they  need  to  do  to achieve their goals.

Pay the Price

How  can you tell when  you have paid  the full price of success? It’s simple: Look  around  you. There  it is! You can always tell how much of the price of success you have paid  by looking  at your  current  lifestyle and  your  bank account.  By the Law of Correspondence,   your outer world will, like a mirror,  always reflect the person  you are and the price you have paid on the inside.

There is an interesting  point about  the price of success: It must  always be paid in full—and  in advance.  Success, however  you define it, is not like a restaurant   where you pay after you have enjoyed your meal. Instead  it is like a cafeteria,  where you can choose whatever  you want,  but you must pay for it before you eat it.

Motivational   speaker  Zig Ziglar  says, “The  elevator to success is out of order,  but the stairs are always open.”

(Trích từ audiobook: No Excuses ! The Power of Self-discipline-Brian Tracy)

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