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In order to use the automatic update functionality of the theme, first you have to go to Story Options -> General -> Theme Update section and insert your Envato Marketplace Username and Envato Marketplace API Key. The Envato Marketplace Username field should contain the username of the account you have used to purchase the theme on ThemeForest. To obtain your API Key, you have to visit your “My Settings” page on any of the Envato Marketplaces (ThemeForest). You can get the API Key in the “API Keys” section of the “My Settings” page. When a new update is released you should see a new menu item in Dashboard called “Story – New Updates”. Please note that it may take several hours after the update is released to have it displayed, as the cache is refreshed periodically on several hours. When you open the “Story – New Updates” page you have to click on the “Automatically Update Theme” button and the theme will be automatically updated for you.

INSTALLING AN UPDATE MANUALLY There are two main ways of installing an update manually: By uploading the theme as a new theme (recommended)- this is an easier way to accomplish this. First you have to either delete your current theme or rename its folder on the server. To rename the theme you have to log in via FTP to the server, navigate to the WordPress installation folder » wp-content » themes folder where you will find the theme folder that you can rename. After this you just have to upload the updated theme zip file via the built in WordPress theme uploader as a new theme as explained here and activate the theme. Note: Please note that with the activating of the new theme it is possible your menu setting not to be saved for the new theme. If so, you just have to go to Appearance » Menus » Theme Locations, select the menu (it will be still there) and press the “Save” button. Once you install the updated theme and make sure that everything is working normally, you can go back to the Themes section and delete the older version of the theme. Via FTP – you can use an FTP client (such as FileZilla) and replace all the theme files with the updated ones. The theme folder is located in the WordPress installation folder » wp-content » themes folder of the server. Note: Please note that with the file replacing all the code changes you have made to the files (if you have made any) will be lost, so please make sure you have a backup copy of the theme files before you do the replacement. All the settings that you have made from the admin panel won’t be lost- they will be still available.

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